New officer in town

The newest member of the Webster City Police Department was sworn in on Wednesday. Adam Petersen, who grew up just south of Sioux City, received his oath from Webster City Mayor Janet Adams.

Petersen, a graduate of Ellsworth Community College and Iowa State University, will attend law enforcement academy for 14 weeks before he begins his on the job training. The academy consists of physical training and classes covering laws and policies.

He said his number one selling point on joining the department were the nice and personable people he met in Webster City. Petersen said the Webster City Police Department will be a good fit for him.

“I really enjoy helping people, and I know a city like Webster City, I know that they are a community based police department. They love helping people,” Petersen said.

Once he completes his time at the academy, Petersen will go through a 12 to 14 week process where a field training officer will ride with him for on-the-job training. In his spare time, Petersen said he enjoys going to the shooting range and is an avid golfer.