Gathering the Brigade

The Border Brigade archery club broke in their new home at 7B ranch in Webster City with an open house on Wednesday evening.

The event brought current and prospective club members together to show off what the club has planned for the land, which includes several shooting ranges.

Archery club president and founder Kent Schell said a Litchfield, Minn. archery club had lent them several 3D targets to use. Nate Anderson, county game officer and Terry Koppes, president of Iowa Bow Hunters Association, were also in attendance.

The archery club agreed to a contract to use the land in October. In addition to archery club events, club vice president Jared Zimmer said they are the caretakers of the ranch land. Several people have contacted the club with interest in holding family reunions and weddings on the ranch land.

Schell said the club had about a hundred people that were interested in the club once it came to fruition. Now that the club has overcome the hurdles of finding land to shoot legally on, creating bylaws and becoming a 501(c)(7) nonprofit recreational club, Schell said now is the time that those interested persons should join.

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