Randall city council tweaks new mowing ordinance

The Randall city council made a slight adjustment to the ordinance they passed last month when they met for their January session last week.

The ordinance concerns mowing of residential and vacant properties within city limits. The council approved the second reading of the ordinance after adding the words “grass, weed, etc.” The third reading of the ordinance will be on the agenda for the February council meeting.

Also on Wednesday, the council appointed DeAnn Frisk to be city clerk for 2013 and Jason Lewis as fire chief for 2013. Plans are to review salaries for city employees at the February council meeting.

The council approved two submissions for Enhance Hamilton County grants. One is from the volunteer fire department for one set of bunker gear, and the other is from the city of Randall for replacement Christmas decorations for Main Street.

In property matters, the council approved having the gym floor cleaned and recoated later this year after basketball and prom season.