Modern organizing

It seems like every women’s magazine I pick up these days has a cover story about organizing: organize your home, organize your closets, organize your schedule, organize your mornings so they move more smoothly, organize your wardrobe, even putting your life in order.

Sometimes all that makes me wonder how we ever knew enough to accomplish such things without an expert telling us how to do it all just a little bit better. That didn’t used to be the case. I bet our grandmothers could keep quite a tidy home without some form of the media after them to get organized.

Could it be that the reason we need to be encouraged to be organized is because we just have so many more possessions than our grandmothers-or probably even our mothers-did? Unfortunately, all this stuff can be our undoing as consider how best to use it, enjoy it, and, yes, organize it so that happens.

If you pay attention, you notice that it’s all ages who have issues with what to do with their stuff. All ages have electronics that, as necessary as they have become, add to the clutter challenge we all face. It could be why the topic of getting organized is so popular in the media.

There are, of course, web sites that will help you get your life organized. There are professional organizers who get paid to help others get it together. There’s even a National Association of Professional Organizers, as I found. Again, I doubt that our grandmothers would have ever been able to even grasp such a concept.

I have two two-drawer file cabinets that could really use some organizing, which I planned to do before moving to this house five years ago. And it still hasn’t happened yet, unfortunately. Part of the problem is that I can close the file drawers and everything is out of sight/out of mind. Of course, one could say that about closets, too. Doesn’t it make you feel good to purge those spaces, though?

I do like neat and tidy, and that includes having organized closets and desk space. It’s too bad it doesn’t always work that way. It helps if you are lucky enough to have storage space to keep your goods, although I decided long ago that there are times when having such space is more of a liability than an asset because if there is a store room or an attic available, it’s way too easy just to put things there and keep them even if they aren’t being used.

If you’re planning to get into an organizing attitude on these winter days, just remember: the race is not to the swift, but to those who keep running.