NEH students learn about election process

BLAIRSBURG – The results have been tabulated in the closely contested presidential race at Northeast Hamilton School and the winner is… “Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon Cooper.

Sheldon narrowly squeaked by Buddy the Elf with 50 votes compared to 47 votes for the North Pole pixie.

Although cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants trailed behind as a distant third with only 31 votes, his campaign team were gratified with his strong showing.

NEH Social Studies teacher Leslie Pralle Keehn had initiated a study of the election process last fall in her sixth grade Social Studies class.

The students first researched possible candidates before selecting their choice. They were then required to draft platforms which reflected their candidate’s personality.

Part of the process also included designing and posting campaign signs.

Last week, spokespersons for the candidates faced-off in a debate.

Finally, all the students, staff and faculty of Northeast Hamilton went to the polls Monday to vote.

As to the vote breakdown, the sixth grade students were not surprised by the outcome, said Pralle Keehn.

“The sixth grade students didn’t seem as surprised by the results as the older kids,” said Pralle Keehn.

“The upper grades were really excited to find out who had won and many thought Buddy had been cheated,” remarked the teacher, who added that she and the sixth grade students were more surprised by the close election results.

The SpongeBob team was pleased with their showing as they believed the cartoon character would not appeal to a number of older students, said Pralle Keehn.

“The Sheldon Cooper group was obviously excited that he had won,” said Pralle Keehn. “Overall the groups were proud of how they had worked together, though some felt that they could have done more for their candidate.”