Parks and rec commission votes to support archery club

The Webster City Park and Recreation commission voted to sponsor the Border Brigade Archery Club for a grant the club is seeking through the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation.

The foundation’s bylaws state that an organization seeking a grant must partner with a nonprofit or government organization, according to recreation and public grounds director Kent Harfst.

Kent Schell, president of the club and Jared Zimmer, vice president, presented their grant application for funding from the Hotel/Motel tax. That application for $10,000 was rejected.

Harfst said the foundation requires a partial match for grant funds. Schell said businesses and persons are becoming more willing to donate as the club’s membership and activities wind up.

“We’re gradually gaining traction in the community,” Schell said. “People are donating more and more.”

The archery club has about 40 members now and has about 15 people currently looking to join. Zimmer said the club is looking to host archery events for the Iowa Games. That event would bring 200 to 400 archers to Webster City at the club’s grounds at 7B ranch.

“The goal when I started this club was to have the premier archery club in the state. I have everything here to do it, I just need a little help to get there,” Schell said.

The commission took no action on a proposal to host “Bam Bam Ball” as a parks and spring season sport. Bam Bam Ball, for ages 3 and 4, is similar to Tee Ball, as players use a large plastic bat and a tee. The tee itself is wider and a large rubber ball is used. Parents or officials stand at every plate. There are no strikes, no outs and no score. Harfst said the sport could prove problematic due to the age range.

“With three-year-olds, we’ve tried different programs and we still have aquatots for three-year-olds, but attention span is pretty tough,” Harfst said. “With aquatots, a parent has to be with the child at all times. If we were to do something like this, I think we would need to have that also.”

Harfst said he would look further at the possibility of hosting such a sport.

The commission reviewed a three-year fee schedule for parks and recreation activities. Harfst said there is a three percent increase annually on average.

Remodeling at Fuller Hall is scheduled to be completed a week from this weekend. Harfst said the kitchen, Sampson room and old main entrance will be almost completed as soon as new carpeting is installed.

Eight of nine holes at the Brewer Creek Park disc golf course are now sponsored. The $300 cost to sponsor a hole covers the cost of the post and netting. Harfst said they are seeking sponsors for a back nine holes to complete the course for summer.