City Council to hear audit presentation

The City Council of Webster City will review the 2011-2012 city audit report Monday night during the council’s regular session at 7 p.m.

Jeff Peters, Williams and Company, the city’s audit firm, will present the results of the audit. The council is expected to then accept the report and place it on file.

Representatives of the Border Brigade Archery Club are also on the agenda to update the council and the public on the group’s progress and activities. The group has also included a request for assistance. According to a memo from City Manager Ed Sadler to the council, the archery club has secured the use of 7B Ranch. As part of that agreement, Sadler indicated that there was some discussion of raising or moving the entry to the road as the road is in the flood plain. He said the club is requesting city assistance for that purpose. The request specifically asks for assistance from the city engineer.

In his memo, Sadler reminded the council members that the city does not have an engineer on staff, but works with a contracted engineering firm.

“So any work on this would cost the city money directly to pay our contract engineer,” Sadler said. He added that the request would also entail spending money to benefit both private entities and private properties.

“The city has not previously spent taxpayer money to benefit private organizations or private businesses during my tenure as city manager and I cannot recommend that the city do so now,” he said.

He added that the city has faced severe budget cutbacks in recent years, including the cutting of several positions. With the city expecting to again face more cutbacks as officials plan for the upcoming city budget, Sadler said that there is no money available for projects like this one.

Signs will again be on the agenda Monday night. The Planning and Zoning Commission has been discussing signage issues. The commission reviewed the sign ordinance and revisions were made to the political sign section. The proposed revisions to the political sign regulations include the following recommendations:

Political signs shall not be placed within the right-of-way, street or public grounds;

Political signs shall comply with the visual corner clearance requirements set out in Chapter 129.09(I);

Political signs pertaining to any election, caucus or referendum may be displayed for 45 days before the official vote. They must be removed within 7 days after the vote with the only exception being that signs from the primaries do not have to be removed until 7 days after the general.

Individual political signs can be no larger than 4-square-feet (using one or both sides). A property can have a total of 20-square-feet (using one or both sides) of political signage on their premises.

The commission also clarified definitions of “bulletin boards,” electronic message boards and addressed the issues of unshielded illuminated signage and suggested hours of operation from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

In other business, the will consider a resolution adopting a community wide entrepreneurial development plan as well as a resolution supporting the implementation of the 2012-2013 Iowa Great Places grant. The third and final reading of the proposed electrical rate increase is also on the agenda. If approved, the council is expected to pass and adopt the new rate schedule.