WC school board approves projects

The Webster City school board Monday night approved a plan to renovate portions of Sunset Heights, Pleasant View and the high school.

Superintendent Mike Sherwood said the administration had spent several months looking over potential projects for the next round of renovations in the district.

“When the bond issue was passed for the high school addition, the community committee discussed doing a large project first, then coming back and doing smaller projects. So that’s where we’re at with this proposal,” he said.

Sherwood said he along with the building administrators Dave Orton, building and grounds director, had toured the district buildings. Mechanical and architectural engineers had also looked at the facilities.

Proposed projects at Sunset Heights include renovations of the east and south classroom wings, removal of non-compliant walls with glass, replacing student cubbies with lockers, removal and replacement of ceilings, tile and lighting, new floor finishes, new drain lines and water mains in restrooms, move sinks to inside walls, update and renovate restrooms to be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act; replace the boiler and water pumps; new power distribution and new fire alarms. Sherwood said the projected cost for Sunset Heights renovations totaled $727,000.

At Pleasant View, plans call for a renovation of the original south classroom wing in the lower level to remove all non-compliant walls with glass and associated doors, hardware and cubbies; remove and replace all ceilings and lighting in the classrooms and adjacent hallways; new lighting controls, new doors and new hardware; new lockers; renovate and update boys and girls restrooms to make them ADA compliant; replace boilers, chiller and pumps; update exterior lighting. Sherwood said the cost estimate was $530,000.

High school projects would involve the special education classrooms and nearby administration offices. Sherwood said proposed projects include replacing cooling and heating units in that area, replacing the ceilings, lighting fixtures in classrooms; power distribution, fire alarms and paging equipment. The cost of the projects was estimated to be $325,00.

“That is the work that is being proposed,” Sherwood said. The total cost, including $154,500 in architects fees, is $1.582 million.

The revenue purpose statement that was passed by the board several years ago, gives the district the ability to do revenue bonds, which Sherwood said would not need to go to public vote.

“This work you can decide as a board that needs to be done and you can bond that work with revenue bonds,” he said.

There is about $6.6 million in bonding capacity and revenue from the statewide penny sales tax.

“This $1.582 million would come out of that,” Sherwood said.

Pepsi or Coke?

The board approved a new beverage contract for the district, this time choosing Pepsi over Coke products. The contract covers vending machines in the schools – including juices, mineral waters and water – and the beverages for the concession areas.

The board voted to extend the contract with Coke through the remainder of the winter sports season. After that, the Pepsi contract would be in effect.

New coach

Troy Smock, high school assistant principal, was hired as the new head varsity baseball coach. Sherwood said Smock has 14 years of experience coaching baseball in a variety of settings.