Welcome back

The Fuhs Pastry Shop in downtown Webster City reopens today at 4:30 a.m. The shop had been closed since July 15 due to Tom Fuhs undergoing major surgery.

Tom Fuhs has since recovered. He and Shirley Fuhs decided they wanted to reopen the shop in January.

Since the store has been dormant for seven months, Shirley Fuhs said there has been much to do in preparation for the reopening. The store has been cleaned and bakery equipment has been oiled and checked. Tom Fuhs spent Thursday making icing and preparing pastries for customers. Shirley Fuhs said some work, including painting, that had been on the backburner before the shop closed has now been done.

“We did a lot of things that need to be done. Since we’ve been closed, we decided to go ahead and do it,” Shirley Fuhs said.

Tom and Shirley Fuhs, both in their 70’s, weren’t daunted by the work it took to get the pastry shop back in order.

“We like to stay active,” Tom Fuhs said. Shirley Fuhs added, “Things like this just keep you young. It keeps your mind active.”

Fuhs Pastry Shop first opened in 1970 and offers a large variety of buns, donuts, rolls and other pastries. Shirley Fuhs said the shop has no plans yet for a grand reopening, but she is excited to reopen the business.

“People are happy we’re coming back. We are happy to be opening back up. We have great customers and have missed them too,” Shirley Fuhs said.

She said the shop will be open until 1 p.m., although that closing time may change.