Fairytale opera

Fairy tales and classical music collided today at Webster City Middle School when OPERA?Iowa presented “The Three Little Pigs,”?an opera based on the music of Mozart by John Davies.

The performers had a chance to visit with fifth and sixth grade students and conducted workshops before the performance.

Middle School music teacher Dane Barner events such as the opera performance are important for his students.

“We always want to give as much opportunity to hear as many different types of music as possible,”?he said. “And when you have a company that’s willing to come to you, you can’t beat it.”

Barner said his students had been studying a unit on opera so the timing of Wednesday’s event was perfect.?He said the students were eagerly anticipating the performance.

He said the performance was also geared specifically for a young audience. Composer John Davies “The Three Little Pigs”?offers an introduction to the music of Mozart with his adaptation of the story. According to the members of the troupe, Davies even took character names from well-known Mozart operas and gave the names to the three pigs and the wolf.

“This is an incredibly kid-centric production,”?Barner said. “Other times that I’ve seen groups do this, they just draw the kids into the story.

“It gives them a little education and a good show,”?he said.

“And it’s the ‘Three Little Pigs,'”?he said.?”What’s not to like?”

OPERA Iowa also presented the same program at Stratford Elementary on Tuesday.