Ready, set, race

Local Cub Scouts are preparing their entries for the annual Pinewood Derby races. This year, the derby will be held in Jeff Gym on March 16. The derby will begin at 9 a.m. and will go through the afternoon.

Jamie Seiser, Webster City Den 12 Cub Scout leader, oversaw preparations for his den’s entries during a work session on Sunday. The scouts are first year tigers and are completely new to the derby. Seiser said scouts are tasked with designing a car, cutting it out, sanding it and putting weight in it. They also add flair to the cars by painting it.

“It’s fun and exciting just to see their faces. When they win, you can tell with the little guys how excited they are and that’s the joy of it,” Seiser said.

There are limitations for the cars. They cannot weigh more than five ounces, and can be no longer than seven inches. During the derby, cars are placed on a track and first to the end wins. Seiser said the tracks are computer monitored and automatically display the results of the race upon completion.

While Seiser’s den has little experience with making the cars, he and his son have been taking part in the derby for four years. He said he appreciates the time he spends with his son to compete in the event.

“It’s a great way for mothers and fathers to have bonding time with their child. It’s great to be able to sit down and watch your kid design the car. Hours get put into it and the quality time you spend with your child is the reward,” Seiser said.

Scouts who place first, second and third in their group will go on to compete for the grand prize. The derby will also host several other pinewood car races, including a merchant race, a mother’s race, a race for past cub scouts to compete in and a Lego car race for younger kids. Concessions are available and all of the money made there will go to support local cub scouts.