Preparing for an eggstravaganza

Southfield Wellness Community will host its sixth annual Easter “Eggstravaganza” on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon.

The event will host two Easter egg hunts, one for children ages one to four at 10:30 a.m. and one for children ages five to eight at 11:30 a.m. In addition, the event will feature day-old chicks from McMurray Hatchery and local 4-H members will bring rabbits and a baby goat for children to interact with and learn more about.

Marilyn Middleton, Marketing Coordinator for Southfield Wellness community, said the Eggstravaganza has grown from 80 attendees at the inaugural Easter event to now hosting over 400 people.

Children attending the event will also have a chance to make a couple different crafts. Those include a jelly bean chick craft and a lucky bunny rabbit face that can attach to laced shoes.

The Eggstravaganza will also host a bake sale with items prepared by Southfield staff. Middleton said money from the bake sale will go toward a special trip that Southfield is planning for it’s residents. Refreshments will also be provided. Middleton encouraged parents attending the event to bring a camera for a photo opportunity with the Easter Bunny.

Extra staff will be on hand to help residents participate in the event. Middleton said staff will bring around the baby chicks to residents who aren’t able to come over.

“Some of our tenants that live at Southfield are out there buying bake sale items, they’re watching whats going on and some of them help. We try to get the tenants and the residents involved for one of the biggest events we have at Southfield,” Middleton said. “We love to have the public see our nice home.”

While this Saturday marks the sixth year Southfield has hosted the Eggstravaganza, Middleton said this is the first time they have faced frozen, snowy ground this close to Easter. She said the event is planned to be held despite the cold weather, and eggs will be hidden in the hallways of the Southfield buildings. Hidden eggs may contain prizes that children can redeem. Middleton said that they will retain the Easter eggs themselves so they can reuse them for future egg hunts.

Attendance to the event is free and Middleton said that everyone interested in attending is welcome.

“I hope that cool weather won’t hamper the Easter spirit because once the kids get inside the doors, everything will be blossoming and everyone will have a hippity-hop good time,” Middleton said.