Ellsworth City Council approves FY14 budget

It was a routine agenda facing city councilmen in Ellsworth at their regular monthly meeting on March 11. The meeting included a public hearing on the FY14 budget.

After everyone present had the opportunity to be heard, the council approved the budget and certification of taxes for fiscal year 2013-14.

In other business, councilmen reviewed the EMC insurance package as presented, noting the premium increase of approximately 14 percent. The council approved the package, with plans to consider increasing the deductibles on vehicle coverage to help lower the premium that for 2013/14 totaled $34,895.

Also on Monday, the council:

Discussed window improvements at the community center. Mayor Brett Hodnefield suggested bricking up the windows to make the building more energy efficient and has contacted Hanson Masonry for an estimate. No action was taken.

Approved the 28E agreement and contract for fire protection for Rose Grove township. No action was taken on the Liberty township contract.

Discussed rental of the north side of the duplex. The renter will furnish the appliances, and the city will have carpet installed.