Youth group seeks applicants for grants

A group of local high school students is looking for youth in Hamilton County that wish to apply for grant funds that would help them share their voices and make a different in their communities.

The Youth in Philanthropy, YiP, program is looking for other youth-led organizations and groups to apply for up to $500 worth of grant funding for projects and programs that will impact youth within Hamilton County. Tiffany Larson, with the Building Families CAPP, Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, program, assists the YiP program. However, the program is largely led by the youth that are involved with the program.

“They kind of do everything,” Larson said. “We as adults kind of sit back and help to come up with ideas, provide skills, knowledge, but other than that, it’s completely youth-led.”

Youth in Philanthropy partnered with ISU Extension and Outreach in Hamilton County and with Community Family Resources to work with the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation, which provided money for the grants. Larson said the YiP program focuses on service learning and helping youth understand philanthropy.

“It’s a comprehensive approach to really getting teams to volunteer and getting teens involved in the community in which they live,” Larson said.

This is the second year that YiP has given grants to community groups. Youth in Philanthropy is mainly comprised of a handful of teens that live in different towns across the county that were recruited to the program. The program mainly focuses on youth in grades nine through 11, but also includes senior-year students that have been in the organization.

The student leaders of YiP will select which organizations and groups will receive grant monies. The teens aim to find programs that can be enhanced in the county, or find programs that could have a positive impact in their communities if implemented. That includes programs or projects involving arts and culture, social services and more.

Last year, YiP provided funds to three groups. The Project Adventures program at All Cultures Equal, a blend event with Webster City and Northeast Hamilton students at Mornin’ Glory sponsored by SHIFT Happens, and garden bed material for the Webster City FFA chapter.

Individuals or groups interested in receiving a grant of up to $500 must complete an application by April 15. More information and an electronic copy of the application are available either by calling 515-832-1791, ext. 204, or by visiting their website at