Letting the season in

Jam of the week: “Treehome95” by Tyler, The Creator.

As I’m writing this column, it’s a not-so comfortable 40 degrees outside in Webster City. While winter is apparently not going without a fight, I’m in full spring mode. The transition between these two season is easily the most exciting for me, because there are so many things to enjoy about this season that winter simply would not allow.

The first step to bringing in the season was letting it into my apartment. Simply working at my desk with spring-blessed warm air replacing the stuffy air of an apartment made me smile. I could barely get any work done on my taxes as I watched robins perch on my porch, rabbits running through farmland, and flies beating themselves to death against the screen door.

Of course, that also means spring cleaning is underway. Perhaps it was the warm weather that lifted my motivation. Perhaps it was a desire to have as much fresh spring air smell in the apartment rather than the smell unwashed winter clothes that had done their duty well. Perhaps both, perhaps more. Overthinking things instead of just doing them is so last season.

The first true moment of spring clarity came to me while I was performing another seasonal ritual. I took the old papers that had made my car their winter home and disposed of them, parted ways with whatever I managed to vacuum out of the car, rolled all of my windows down and just drove.

I’m certainly not alone in finding zen while driving. A good drive can exercise the part of your brain that handles the mechanical tasks of driving, and spring gave me the chance to do that not while shivering and looking through the parts of my windows not covered by snow. Spring brings the chance to drive with all your windows rolled down, listening to music, looking around this chunk of land we call home, and just bask in it.

Oh, and I drove everywhere, from the dirt roads that pass very close to the windmills that are Northeast of Webster City to the southern edge of the county and beyond. I went to every park I knew had a trail or somewhere nice to walk along. If I can keep this same baseline level of enthusiasm, I think I’ll have an aneurysm when the grass starts to grow greener and the trees start to show life again.

I would think you, the reader, might have other rituals than tearing down a dirt road or wandering aimlessly with the change of the season. I love seeing those changes in other people. When I was driving back from work last Friday, I saw someone drawing in chalk on the sidewalk. I came to a stop sign and saw the words “smile today” written in bold print with a large sun next to it. I assume the person working on the sidewalk art saw me grinning like a moron and waved to me. Such a small gesture was so much more appreciated on such a day.

Here’s to the spring demeanor. Here’s to getting everything done you wanted to during the winter but were too busy shoveling, sliding around on icy roads or too curled up in a blanket to do. Although, I’ll have to get on that another day. Perhaps, a day where I don’t still have to wear a heavy jacket to work.