Cabin project diminished

The Hamilton County Conservation Board may need to reduce the number of cabins they planned to build in local parks due to the cost.

The board met on Tuesday morning to review the bids they received at their last meeting on their cabin project. Brian Lammers, Hamilton County Conservation executive director, said the board made no decision on the bids at the meeting. Lammers will review those bids and the board will come to a decision and award a contract at their next board meeting on April 8.

The cabin project initially planned for five cabins to be built at three parks in the county. That included two new cabins at Briggs Woods Park, two at Little Wall Lake Park, and another at Bell’s Mill Park near Stratford. However, the costs of the bids received will limit that plan.

“What we’re going through in the bidding process, it looks like we’ll have to back the total number of cabins down,” Lammers said.

Lammers said Hamilton County Conservation still plans to build two cabins at Little Wall Lake Park, and at least one at Briggs Woods Park.

“What we’re trying to do is construct year-round cabins with full amenities to have these parks open year round and try to bring in additional revenue,” Lammers said.

Despite that setback, the board is still adamant about adhering to the timeline for the cabin project. Lammers said the plan, for now, is to have the cabins built and ready for visitors by Labor Day weekend.