WC school board approves 2013-2014 budget

The Webster City Community School District Board of Directors unanimously approved the budget for the 2013-2014 school year.

The board heard no comments during the public hearing. The board approved what Superintendent Mike Sherwood called their worst-case-scenario budget, which planned for zero percent allowable growth during the next school year. The Iowa Legislature has yet to determine allowable growth for next year.

“We drafted that budget with that in mind,” Sherwood said. “If the state makes a decision on allowable growth, then we will amend the budget to reflect and be more consistent with our current tax rate of 14.33.”

To remedy the lack of allowable growth money, Sherwood said that the district will look into additional revenue sources, the use of cash reserve funds and will make budget cuts as needed. However, where that revenue and those cuts would be made has yet to be determined.

“The budget, as it’s designed, gives us a little time once they make their decision then we’ll make our decision,” Sherwood said.

The board also reviewed the dates set for the end of the school year for students and for staff. The district has to make up for six snow days, but reduced that number to four by counting parent-teacher conference days as full days of school.

As such, school will be out for summer for students on June 4, which Sherwood said will be a half-day. The last day for staff will be June 6.