KYL Friends hold annual meeting

The annual meeting of the Friends of the Kendall Young Library, a group dedicated to the support and promotion of the library, met on Tuesday. The group has 80 annual members, 151 lifetime members, and nine board members.

Friends of the Kendall Young Library president Sue Anderson welcomed about 20 attendees to the meeting. She introduced the other members of the board, including Leora Brown, Dr. E. F. Brown, Wil Groves, Gretchen McGlynn and Gary Moenck.

Anderson recognized retiring board members, who are Dan Bohr, Barbara Hosack and Laurel Palmer. Board nominees for 2013-2016 include Theresa Turpen, Palmer Schneider and Don Anderson.

In their annual report, the Friends of the Kendall Young Library discussed the programs they supported in 2012, which included Family Game Night, with food and supplies, the Friends’ annual meeting program, email newsletters, the Heritage Quest online database and reading programs.

The Friends also held two book sales in 2012, one in April and one in October. Between the two book sales, the Friends raised $6,074 for the library. The report said that due to the positive community response to the sales, they will hold two again in 2013. The Friends’ monetary balance currently sits at $5188.09.

After the Friends meeting, photographer Larry Stone presented his talk, “Floating Through History: An entertaining look at Iowa’s Waterways.” Stone shared images and stories of the natural and cultural resources along Iowa’s waterways. He worked as a photographer for a newspaper for 25 years, and is an experienced nature photographer.