Parade of words

There were costumes and props, signs and poems – all part of an activity Thursday designed to let Webster City fifth graders review vocabulary terms.Students in Christina Moline, Kelly Johnson and Michelle Eimers’ classes took part in a vocabulary parade held in the multi-purpose room. Moline said the idea was initially found in a book the students read in class.

“The students read a story called ‘Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster’ by Debra Frasier. In the story, the fifth-grade class had a Vocabulary Parade at the end,” she said. The parade Thursday also provided students with some review of key vocabulary terms before MAP testing next week, Moline said.

The children were given vocabulary words and had to create a meaningful definition, an interesting sentence and use a costume or props to illustrate the meaning of the word.

With the word “recipe,” Ashlynn Hay donned a chef’s hat, carried a mixing bowl and a recipe book to illustrate her word. Erica Kostal demonstrated “symbolism” by wearing a Ronald McDonald costume and carrying golden arches.

Peyton Hilpipre illustrated the word “pun” by wearing a shower curtain and carrying a staff with meteors cascading from it.

“How does the Earth get clean? It takes a meteor shower,” she said to chuckles from the audience.

Parents, grandparents and others gathered to watch as each group paraded across the floor to explain his or her vocabulary word.

“They were very excited to create a presentation that was both informative and entertaining,” Moline said. She added that a video of the parade has been uploaded to YouTube.

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