A tour of opportunity

The Webster City Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce have announced a tour of local vacant buildings on April 24 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

There are 11 locations to see among the tour’s highlighting buildings in the downtown area that are either for sale or for rent. Realtors and owners will be present at the tour locations to answer questions about square footage, condition of the building, cost and more. One of the Chamber Associate members, recently renamed the Chamber Champions, will be available to talk about the history of the building and share any stories they may know. Participants will be able to pick up a map at the Chamber office located at 628 2nd Street after April 18.

Chamber Director Deb Brown said the tour is planned not only to sate the curiosity of participants, but also to show how those spaces could be used in the future.

“Most humans are innately curious.We like to know what was inside a space, what could be in that space, who was there before, what are the possibilities for an empty space,” Brown said. “Here in Webster City we have some vacant buildings and we’d like our Chamber members to think about people who may be a good fit for those spaces. It’s an opportunity to hear about the past history of the building and to help create a future for it.”

The closing of Electrolux in Webster City created an opportunity for a large group of people to become entrepreneurs, according to Brown.

“Many have gone to Iowa Central and continued their education in fields that interest them. Young people live here and we look forward to helping them build and design their businesses. It seems like a good way to begin looking at what our needs are and how we can fill them,” Brown said.

Dean Neale Adams from Iowa Central has agreed to promote the tour in their businesses classes. The city of Webster City and the Hamilton County Supervisors have heard the plans and said this is a project that could help entrepreneurs in the area, Brown said.