Reis named as new WCMS assoc. principal

Beginning on Aug. 1, Kelli Reis will officially take up the position of associate principal at Webster City Middle School. She was hired for the position after current associate principal Duane Harding announced his retirement at the end of the school year.

Reis has 17 years of experience at the Middle School. She began her time there teaching math and science. She then taught physical education for six years. Reis also coaches seventh grade track. Three years ago, Reis began a masters program in administration at Viterbo University out of Des Moines. She also mentored under Harding and current Webster City Middle School principal Becky Hacker-Kluver during that time. Reis said that when Harding decided he was going to retire, she seemed like a natural fit for the position.

“I know this system. I’ve been in this school system for 17 years right here in the middle school, so I decided I want to touch all students at a higher academic level,” Reis said.

Reis will also be activities director next year, which encompasses athletics, band and fine arts. Her day-to-day duties as associate principal will include behavioral and academic issues with students, athletics and fine arts scheduling, lunch duty and more.

“As associate principal, you oversee the day-to-day things that go on every day at the school,” Reis said. “Working with the teachers, you’ll be doing all types of academic and behavioral interventions.”

Reis is already familiar with holding academic and behavioral interventions at the school. She hosts a “catch it up” time during the lunch period where she helps students that have fallen behind in their grades and need academic assistance.

While she has a lot of experience interacting with students, Reis said that her masters program helped her learn how to better interact with her adult coworkers. She also learned about the legalities that protect the district and students.

“It’s really taking on the academic side of things. You have to see the big picture and not just one little classroom picture. You have to see the full picture of what’s best for our students, our community and our district,” Reis said.

Reis said she is very excited for next year not only for her new position, but also because of the rollout of the district’s one-to-one technology program. She is also part of the district technology committee, and said the iPads in the district will be a helpful tool for students.

“A computer is not going to raise our achievement scores,” Reis said. “But it’s going to give us another tool to hopefully help increase scores.”