Supports modernizing bottle bill

To the Editor:

The last time we had a major update to Iowa’s popular and successful 5-cent container redemption law, Robert D. Ray was our governor, Terry Branstad was a state representative, Jimmy Carter was president, the Internet did not exist and Justin Bieber was still 16 years away from being born.

It’s definitely time to modernize the law and we have a great opportunity to do that his year as legislation is now before the Iowa Senate. Currently, alcohol and carbonated beverages are covered by the 5-cent bottle deposit. However, this new proposal would add water and other commonly consumed noncarbonated beverages.

Research shows modernizing the Iowa Bottle Bill will add more than 300 new jobs while preserving the ones we already have and would keep tens of millions of containers out of our landfills, waterways and ditches.

A?lot of memorable things happened in the 1970s but after 35 years, we can take some common sense steps to make a great law even better.

Logan Harrison

Webster City