Former Eagle Grove police officer faces investigation

EAGLE GROVE – An Eagle Grove police officer who had been with the force nearly three months has resigned in the wake of a federal investigation, Mike Boyd, Eagle Grove city administrator, confirmed Wednesday afternoon.

Officer Jon Bailey had been placed on administrative leave Tuesday.

“He was placed on administrative leave yesterday when the federal agents approached us and told us,” Boyd said. “He resigned this morning.”

Boyd was unable to characterize the federal investigation of Bailey, but he said various federal agencies had converged on Bailey’s home. Bailey lives in Belmond, Boyd said, but had been planning a move to Eagle Grove.

“All I know is they searched his place,” Boyd said. “I saw one guy with a jacket that had FBI on it.”

He added, “They didn’t tell us what the investigation was about. Frankly, now it’s out of our hands.”

Sandy Breault, an FBI public affairs specialist, said the agency was involved.

“I can confirm our presence in Eagle Grove,” Breault said. “Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the ongoing investigation.”

Bailey’s resignation, which was tendered to Eagle Grove Police Chief Rey Beltran early Wednesday, was effective immediately, Boyd said.

Beltran wouldn’t comment on the investigation, saying federal agencies were handling it.

“We assisted Homeland Security and the FBI,” Beltran said. “We’ve cooperated with them.”

It was not clear if charges had been filed against Bailey as of Wednesday night.

“We have no comment whatsoever,” said Pete Deegan, of the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Iowa.

Boyd said Bailey is not, to his knowledge, facing any municipal or state investigations.

Jonathan Bailey worked as a detention officer in Polk County from Jan. 7, 2008, until he was terminated on Aug. 2, 2011, according an official with Polk County.

Eagle Grove’s police force was comprised of five officers prior to Bailey’s resignation, according to Boyd.

“This is the first time this has happened here,” Boyd said. “Hopefully the last.”

Messenger reporter Peter Kaspari contributed to this story.