Surviving spring and soggy socks

I hate soggy socks and I had soggy socks on Thursday – all day long.

Like most of you, I was aghast when I awakened to 7 inches of snow yesterday. Something is definitely wrong with Mother Nature. Her internal clock must have gone haywire. Perhaps this May snowstorm was her attempt to balance out the unseasonably warm and early spring we enjoyed last year.

I managed to step off the curb and submerge my foot in three inches of water. Great. Wet socks, wet shoes.

My car was parked on the street this morning, under our large canopied tree. I was outpaced by the snow melting off the tree in big glops as I tried to remove the snow from the windshield. Worse yet, the cold, slushing snow kept hitting me on the neck, just at the point where it could roll easily down my back in chilly stream.

That big old tree on our parking fared much better that others around town. The weight of that heavy snowfall caused many trees limbs to crack and fall. There were also power outages in parts of the city and county.

I started receiving text messages from the various notification sources, letting me know that schools were canceling classes around the county. I like to get those so I can immediately send out the word through our website and social media.

The first one came in at 5:48 a.m. After I checked the message about Webster City Schools, I nodded back off to sleep, only to awaked with the chime of another message at 5:52. That told me Stratford schools were closed. And there were two more – Northeast Hamilton and South Hamilton.

I went in to wake up Daniel. I told him school was canceled because it snowed. He propped himself up on one elbow looked me square in the eye and said, “I don’t believe you.”

I assured him it was true, but he said, “It can’t be – it’s May. It’s not allowed to snow anymore.”

He jumped out of bed and looked out the window and asked to see the text message.

“OK, I guess you’re not kidding,” he said. Later in the day, he was getting reacquainted with his old friend the snow shovel. Unfortunately, the reunion didn’t go so well.

“Mom, my socks are wet. Argggh, I hate soggy socks.”

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess.