Graduating from academy

Editors note: This story is a part of an ongoing series that shares the experiences of Officer Adam Petersen, who has been hired by the Webster City Police Department and is undergoing training for his position.

Being over the half way mark at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, I.L.E.A., our class knew we still had a lot to learn. Every day we stayed on the same routine as previous weeks. We would have daily inspections of our living area by an I.L.E.A faculty member to make sure it was clean and picked up. Physical training was still two to five days a week and we would go on runs ranging from a mile and a half to five miles.

We continued with defensive tactics, in which we became familiar with the different items on our belts. To be sure we know what the different tools can do, we had them used on us in a controlled environment. The Taser was one of the tools that I got familiar with in my training. After a four hour instructional course about the Taser system, it was time to get tazed. This system is a great way to immobilize someone for a couple seconds without lasting injury. Another tool we got to personally experience the effects of was pepper spray. With new instructors at the I.L.E.A, the actions that were taken after getting sprayed were completely different than all previous classes. We were sprayed, fought off a person trying to attack us, and then tried to open your eyes while using your firearm on a target ten yards away. After this experience I realized that these are great tools if need, to subdue someone with the least amount of harm to the person.

On April 12, our class graduated from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. We graduated with 36 officers from around the state. With fourteen weeks of training completed I returned to Webster City to start field training for eight to thirteen weeks. During this time I will be with another officer learning all the different streets, business, and areas around town.