Splash of color

STRATFORD – Spring is finally in the air, the ground is warming up, and many of people are ready to get a little bit of dirt under their fingernails. The Stratford Promotion Committee has announced it will sponsor a flower planting contest.

The group came up with the contest as a creative way to get the flower planters around the community planted and maintained this year.

For many years Stratfird has had flower planters placed in and near the business district as a way to add color and cheer, according to committee members. In recent years our community’s youth – and some adults – have played a role in constructing new planters and planting perennials in those planters. This year, the Promotion Committee would like to have some annual flowers added to give the planters more color.

How it works

There are eight planters that need to be adopted. The planters are located on the corner of the post office, corner next to the community center, each entrance sign, corner of the Lutheran Church, and three corners of the city park. Individuals or groups agree to plant a few annual flowers and then water and weed the planter throughout the growing season. The group can be formed in any way desired: a family, a church circle, a civic organization, a business or a group of friends.

And why would a local group want to do this? Committee members said besides making the community look great, there will be prizes awarded. At the end of June, a group of judges will choose one planter to win a grand prize. The grand prize will contain items donated by local business and valued at more than $200. In addition, each group that adopts a planter will receive smaller gifts.

Sign up today at the Enchanted Mirror Salon. For questions contact Connie at (515)838-2447 or Catherine at 832-9575 or hamcseed@wmtel.net