Town needs to be cleaned up

To the Editor:

Isn’t it a shame the city won’t have a cleanup day in Webster City but they want to venture out and build houses?

It used to be certain places in town were crappy, now the whole town is crappy. We had a neighbor move out several months ago and old TV’s (plural!) were left in front yard. They were just removed last week. We had our home for sale and could of had it sold, but no one liked the neighborhood and it was in the price range the council wants to build. Are you guys nuts?

You keep giving away money on maybes and promises, how about getting some collateral? You can’t afford to cleanup the town but you can do this?

Clean it up before building more places. You people work harder for the people that may move to town, How about the ones that still live here?

Pam Conkling

Webster City