Police arrest two Webster City residents on assault charges

Two individuals were arrested after police were called for an alleged assault at 1515 Wall Street Apt. #15 in Webster City.

Rhonda Marie Seil, 39, and Neal Anthony Luhmann, 40, both of Webster City, were both arrested, according to Police Chief Brian Hughes.

The manager of the apartment complex and an exterminator were making their preannounced visits to each apartment for pest control. Once at apartment No. 15, the manager announced themselves and then entered the apartment. As the manager entered, the butt of a 6- to 9-inch knife struck her in the neck. Both individuals ran out of the apartment complex and called the police.

City police officers responded, announced themselves several times and then opened the front door when another knife was thrown at them. Officers entered the apartment and located Seil and Luhmann in the bedroom.

While in the apartment, suspected drug paraphernalia was discovered in plain view. Officers arrested Seil and Luhmann and transported them to the Hamilton County Jail. A search warrant was applied for and executed, Hughes said. Officers located more suspected drug paraphernalia and two suspected meth labs in the bathroom. The Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement responded and removed the labs, according to Hughes.

Seil and Luhmann were both charged with assault (aggravated misdemeanor) and assault on a peace officer, a Class D Felony. Drug charges are pending based upon an ongoing investigation.