Dayton girls not taken from school

DAYTON – Two girls who were abducted in Dayton Monday were not taken from school property, according to Southeast Webster Grand Superintendent Launi Dane.

That was confirmed by the authorities today, when I talked to them today,” she said.

Dane said there are no bus stops, per say, in Dayton. The girls were abducted some time after they were dropped off, as they were walking home, she said.

Kathlynn Shepard, 15, is still missing. The second girl, a 12-year-old, escaped and was taken to Trinity Regional Medical Center; she has been released.

Dane said the school is a safe place for kids to be. The schools will be running on normal schedules as much as possible today.

Counselors will be available at each building to assist kids and answer questions they might have. More counselors are on standby to come in if needed.

“We’ve met with the staff, which was what we need to do, we gave them the information we were given by the authorities,” Dane said. “The other student is not back in school yet. We are answering any questions the kids have throughout the day, and we’re trying to run the normal schedule as much as posssible.”

Other than that the school doesnt know more than anyone else, she said.

“We’re just waiting like everybody else is, she said. “We’re here for the kids, to help any way we can.”