A prom to remember

To the Editor:

Saturday night, my sister and I had the honor of attending our first Southfield Wellness Community prom, where our mother, Velma Pelz is a resident.

The staff was dressed in their prom dresses and they had put fancy dresses on the female residents and suit jackets on the male residents. They even fixed the hair and makeup for the ladies. The staff worked really hard decorating the cafeteria to look just like a prom, complete with lights , streamers, and even a waterfall. They even took individual pictures of everyone.

The staff danced with everyone, even the ones in wheelchairs. Just watching how proud the people were brought a tear to your eye. Looking at the smiles, you could tell, if for just one night, they were back at their high school prom. I looked over at one gentleman, who hardly says a word, but he was singing “every” single word to “Under the Boardwalk.”

Hats off to these wonderful people taking care of our loved ones. God bless you all.

Judi Claude