Whatever floats your boat

What do you get if you take cardboard, duct tape, hot glue and a little ingenuity? Perhaps a sea-worthy vessel. That’s what many would-be boat builders in and around Webster City are hoping as they construct entries for the fourth annual Cardboard Regatta event, scheduled for June 22 at 2 p.m. during the Boone Bash River Dash.

Officials with the Webster City Chamber of Commerce said the homemade boats will compete for trophies and bragging rights. Award categories are: Fastest elapsed time youth division – Class 1; Fastest elapsed time adult division – Class II; Fastest elapsed time business division – Class III; Fastest elapsed time multi-age division – Class IV; Best construction; Best boat name; Best lookin’ boat and sinking boat award.

All boats must be constructed of cardboard (corrugated board) and other materials may include hot glue, duct tape, paint, chewing gum, nail polish and other items. Decorations or theme materials do not need to be constructed of cardboard, but cannot assist in the floatation of the vessel. Foam, fiberglass, plastic, wood or other flotation materials are strictly prohibited.

Sailors may power their sailing vessels by using oars, paddles or their own limbs, according to Chamber officials. Oars or paddles can be made of cardboard or can be the real thing. Sails are allowed; motors or motorized devices are not. Those on the boats must wear personal flotation devices.

A committee will serve as the Rules and Safety Committee. Any boat deemed “unsafe” will not allowed to enter the race. Competitor’s positions will be assigned and announced at Briggs Woods Lake in the beach area. The course is along the perimeter of the beach area, approximately 80-feet by 100-feet.

The deadline to register is June 20. Boat inspections and a race safety meeting will be held at 1:30 p.m. just prior to the race.

Race packets are available at the Chamber of Commerce office.