Sick of protesters

To the Editor:

Critter Nation has recently been attacked by some protestors, some from Webster City I may add. I may also add that the protesters also shop there. Now, they seem to think he’s a bad guy. W

Why, might you ask? Well, it’s because he sells 10 to 15 dogs a year that come from a USDA certified breeder in Iowa who is checked by the state and found to be in compliance of all rules. Now the protesters have turned it into he’s a puppy mill buyer. A puppy mill in my opinion is a filth hole mess that does not follow codes and laws for those people. Yes, they are bad and deserve punishment. I would also like to add that Mike does not always get dogs from his supplier they are often brought in by customers who couldn’t sell one or two on there own and Mike tries to help find them a home. I, for one, believe it’s the people’s choice to adopt and or shop for a dog. We adopted our dog nine years ago from a local vet clinic in which we had several problems with behavior but we got through it.

So I say this to everyone, do not just join this protest until you know the facts about Critter Nation and the owner. We need all the support we can get in this town for our small business owners. The support for the store is needed every Saturday from 2 to 4 – please come support Mike and Critter Nation and let these people know we wont tolerate lies and slander in this town.

I am a business owner and when one is falsely accused of something I will defend them to the end. I also pray and hope that soon the higher-ups will step-up and defend and support their local shops and put an end to this.

Jason Vansickel

Webster City