Animal abuse charge

A Webster City man was charged with animal abuse after he was reportedly seen dragging a puppy along a gravel road.

A citizen had reported a male subject was dragging a pit bull puppy along a gravel road by its leash and collar, according to police chief Brian Hughes. A city officer responded to Kendall Young Road by the Kendall Young Apartments area and observed Travis Skoland, 25, Webster City, carrying the puppy. The andog, “Queen,” is a three month old Pit Bull puppy and was bleeding from its mouth and paws.

The officer transported the animal to the Webster City Veterinary Clinic for an emergency evaluation. The animal’s internal temperature was 110 degree Fahrenheit. The animal was treated for heat exposure and multiple lacerations and wounds. The Department has placed the animal in protective custody until a hearing can be held to determine if the animal should be released to its owners or will be placed for adoption.

Troy Skoland is not Queen’s owner, but does reside at the same address of the owners. Skoland was arrested and transported to the Hamilton County Jail. He is being charged with Animal Abuse (Aggravated Misdemeanor).