Stratford City Council to seek new town maintenance manager

STRATFORD – The resignation of Stratford’s long-time city maintenance manager was accepted by the City Council there when it met in regular session last week. Larry Runyan’s resignation is effective on July 19.

A job description for maintenance and project manager assistant was reviewed and approved by the council for the opening, which will be publicized, with an application deadline of July 22. Mayor Mike Neperney will name a hiring committee to review applications and bring recommendations to a city council meeting. Also, the council authorized a lump sum payment for unused vacation time with Runyan’s last payroll check.

Visitors at the meeting were representatives of Stratford Stride, to discuss with the council a proposed street dance event the group hopes to sponsor as a way to generate interest in their community from younger people in town. Stratford Stride is seeking the support of the council so planning can begin for the event, scheduled for Aug. 2, 2014.

Council members shared their concerns regarding alcohol at the dance, although it’s understood that when alcohol is available general attendance is higher. The council members assured the representatives that the council supports this endeavor except when alcohol is involved. Other discussion regarding the event centered on liability insurance and blocking off sidewalks.

With Councilman Rick Woodard casting the only nay vote, the council voted to support Stratford Stride’s street dance event set for the anticipated date of Aug. 2, 2014.

Other business at the meeting included approving a quote from Networking Solutions for $3,210, which includes two city hall computer systems and 10 service contract hours toward set up, transfer of data, and networking of computer systems.

The council approved the mayor’s appointments of Lynn Conklin and Marilyn Carlson to the Stratford Public Library Board of Trustees. Carlson and Conklin will serve six-year terms.

In another agenda matter concerning the library, the council approved a request from the library board to mount weather-proof junction boxes on the top of the library building for three lights with arms that will extend out to illuminate library signage.

Also approved was a request from the association board of the Stratford Shakespeare Center for family-oriented “Movie Night in the Park.” The movies will be shown every third Friday of June, July, and August.

Council members discussed utility deposit options and decided to follow guidelines from the Iowa Utilities Board. The deposit is set as the highest monthly billing in a twelve-month period. Utility applicants for both owned and rented properties must pay the deposit unless new residents meet criteria under the Waiver of Deposit.

In other business, the council approved:

Support for a project to upgrade the x-ray equipment at the Van Diest Clinic in Stratford.

The closure of appropriate streets needed for the Bluegrass Festival on July 13.

A resolution re-establishing the Stratford Public Library Trust Fund.