Dan Wardell hosts programs at KYL

Hundreds of children and their parents came to Kendall Young Library on Friday for live programs hosted by Dan Wardell, host of Iowa Public Television’s Kid’s Playhouse.

Wardell visited the library as part of his Reading Road Trip this year, visiting 67 locations across Iowa to teach the importance of reading and healthy eating.

Kendall Young Library welcomed Wardell for two programs on Friday morning, and gave participants a printed cutout of Wardell’s face on a stick.

His program, which told the story of Mole Island, took children to a place where a man wanted to build an amusement park on the island. However, the moles were wary of human’s affinity for junk food. The man, who was the champion of healthy eating, promised that only good, nutritious food would be served on the island.

But then, junk food turned up on the island, and the moles were furious. The junk food was piled high, and the island became known as Junkfood Mountain. Wardell taught the children how to defeat the moles with a combination of reading, being active, and eating healthy.

Kendall Young Library director Angie Martin-Schwarze said that Wardell brings a positive message to the libraries he visits.

“Here’s this guy who is well-known on television telling kids to turn off the TV and go outside and play or read,” Martin-Schwarze said.

Wardell’s visit to Kendall Young Library was his second visit to Webster City on his reading road trip. His first visit was in 2007.