Supervisors OK 28E agreements

The Hamilton County Supervisors approved several agreements during the regular Tuesday session, including two 28E agreements with other counties.

A resolution approving the 2013 through 2023 Precinct Atlas 28E agreement was approved. The Precinct Atlas is a program that election officials will begin using this fall with the school board elections.

“This was actually started in Cerro Gordo County and county auditors who use this have started a consortium. They will become the owners of the program,” said Kim Schaa, county auditor and commissioner of elections. “We will contract with Cerro Gordo County to do the upkeep.”

Schaa explained that the program will expedite voter verification at the polling sites. She said voters can produce a drivers license, which could then be scanned. A printed label is generated which is placed on the declaration of eligibility card. For those without drivers licenses, Schaa said their information could be typed into the system for verification.

“If you’re not registered, it walks the precinct officials through the steps needed to get the person registered or if they need a provisional ballot, it walks them through that step as well,” she said. “It takes a lot of the guess work and alleviates many of the problems that we can see on election day.”

Schaa said that about 10 election officials had tried out the equipment.

The cost for the Precinct Atlas is $1,500 per year, plus $.02 per registered voter on May 1. A total of 9,992 voters, or $199.84 brings the total cost of the program to $1,699.84.

Another 28E agreement was approved by the supervisors for the Central Iowa Community Services group. Hamilton County Social Services Director Patti Treibel said the agreement will be put in place to for mental health services as mandated by the state. Treibel said the group of counties has not been officially recognized as a region yet. The next year will be one of transition for mental health services, she said, with pooling of funds and the management plan they must put in place to become a region the Department of Human Services will recognize for 2014.

“This is a working document that we need to have signed. All the other counties are talking with their boards of supervisors also,” Treibel said. The agreements when signed will then be sent on to the secretary of state to acknowledge the 28 E agreement.

In other business, the supervisors also appointed Mark Dearden, D.O., as the assistant medical examiner of Hamilton County. Dearden, Vinton, will be moving his family practice to Webster City in July. Dr. J.X. Latella is the county medical examiner.