WCCSD approves 13-14 contract and salaries

The Webster City Community School District board of directors met Monday and ratified a contract with the Webster City Education Association for the 2013-2014 school year.

The contract, which was unanimously approved by both the board of directors and the WCEA, includes a 3.64 percent total package settlement that includes all salary and benefits plus fees for employees for the Affordable Care Act.

The base pay of teachers in the district was raised by $690, from $33,370 to $34,060. It also calls for a change in the insurance package that raises the deductibles and raises copays. In all, superintendent Mike Sherwood said the changes will save the district about $5,000 in premium costs for the next school year.

The board also addressed the salaries for other district employees for the next school year. Non-bargaining salaries will be raised by 3.21 percent. Administrative salaries were increased by 3 percent. A three-year contract with Sherwood was also approved, with a 3 percent pay increase for the upcoming school year.

At the board meeting, Sherwood also gave a brief update on the renovations to district facilities that are ongoing this summer. He said remodeling is moving along, asbestos removal has been completed at Sunset Heights Elementary, and removal has begun at Pleasant View Elementary.

At Sunset Heights, concrete has been poured and the district is now looking at filling areas with dirt and then seeding the ground. Heating and cooling units, cabinets and lockers are also being moved out and installed. Overall, Sherwood said the renovations have about four weeks left before completion in early August.

“In three weeks, it’ll be moving,” Sherwood said. “It’s quite a change. Once the new ceilings are in, it will just be an entirely different look.”

Sherwood noted that with remodeling efforts, complications can always arise and completion may not be reached in several weeks. However, Sherwood has said at earlier board meetings that he does not expect the renovations to continue into the next school year.

Also at the meeting, the board approved several fundraising requests. Among those requests were magazine sales at Webster City Middle School, a dodgeball tournament, FFA homecoming T-shirts, and yearbook sales.

The next board meeting is planned for Aug. 12 at 6 p.m. at the School Administration Office Board Room.