How to Wow offers ‘5 in 24’

Tips to improve business growth and presence were presented Wednesday during the Chamber of Commerce’s monthly “From How to Wow” seminar series.

Michael P. Libbie, president of Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications of Des Moines, presented his “5 in 24,” a list of steps to increase business by getting noticed and standing out from the crowd.

“I’m convinced that as business owners and as marketers, we’re stuck in 1967 with our thinking of how to reach people. We’ve got to break out of that,” he said.

Libbie said he created his list of five easy steps that he said any business could achieve in 24 to 48 hours that would revamp the business’ marketing approach.

“Step one, the number one rule is to can the clutter,” he said. “And that goes for all aspects of your marketing efforts.”

He said businesses need to give potential customers less to digest, but should instead be image intense and use short, to the point messages.

Libbie also said that going mobile would be crucial for businesses. He said by 2014, it is predicted that mobile device usage will overtake desktop computer usage. Currently, 50 percent of all Internet searches are done on mobile devices, he said.

While many companies have websites, Libbie said it might be worth the firm’s time and money to develop a mobile sight, which provides an easier platform for smartphone and tablet users.

“Ninety-six percent who use you website and have a bad digital experience will never darken your door again,” he said. “Do you want to tick off 96 percent of your consumers? Why not create sometime that’s mobile?”

The third step is to know who their consumers are. Libbie urged those attending to think about their customers.

“Does your product or service fit? Where are your customers looking? And can they find you?” he asked participants.

Libbie also urged those attending to incorporate online video either on their websites or social media sites. He said online video accounts for 50 percent of all mobile traffic. He said iPhones, Androids and tablets generally offer video capabilities and many editing applications are available at little or no cost.

Finally, Libbie said business people need to think outside of the box when it comes to advertising.

“Creative ads are 11 times more effective,” he said. “Creative ads drive loyalty, sales and profit.”