Crucial Conversations coming to WC

Power UP YOUth is bringing Crucial Conversations training to Webster City Sept. 4 and Sept 18.

This award-winning training is locally possible, in part, due to a $5,000 grant from ISU Hamilton County Extension and Outreach, scholarships provided by Webster City Custom Meats, and $300 in financial support from Hamilton County SEED.

“Crucial Conversations was created after social scientists studied 100,000 people and found that at the heart of all chronic problems, be it in our organizations, our teams or our families, there were crucial conversations the ones we are either not holding or not holding well,” said Power Up YOUth Director Kathy Getting. “They studied the exceptional people who could talk about emotionally charged topics and resolve issues and learned that effective communicators have distinct behaviors in common. That is the foundation for the Crucial Conversations training.”

The sessions will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Hamilton County Extension Office, 311 Bank St.

The trainer, Pam Dykstra, of Urbandale, works as an independent trainer and consultant. On behalf of Poertner Consulting Group, she delivers Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability, two VitalSmarts workshops based on the New York Times bestselling books by the same names.

In addition to her certification to deliver Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability, Dykstra has facilitated a range of leadership and management programs in corporate and nonprofit environments centering on time management strategies, effective communication, customer service skills and effective coaching.

Scholarships are available for parents of K-12 students. The cost of the training is:

$40 for recipients of the parent scholarships;

$345 for parents of children in grades K-12 without the scholarship;

$445 without scholarships or incentives.

The registration deadline is Aug. 5.

Scholarship applications and enrollment forms can be found on the events page at To donate toward a scholarship, contact Power Up YOUth at 832-4153 or send a donation to P.O. Box 534, Webster City, IA.

“If a for-profit business was bringing the training to their business, it would cost $1,076 per participant,” said Getting. “We are able to reduce the cost 59 percent and even more if you are eligible for a further reduction or a scholarship.”

She added, “Think of the kind of community we can build if people are able to talk with one another about high stakes issues and resolve them in ways in which we all win.”