Adams work selected for sculpture show

Tim Adams, Webster City landscape architect and sculpture artist, was selected to enter a sculpture in the Reiman Gardems Iowa Naturally: Sculpture Show recently.

The display of 12 chosen pieces are available for viewing at the Ames garden until October 2013.

Adam’s piece, titled “Winged Samaras” is an array of maple leaves and six winged seeds. The samara is a winged seed, the shape of which enables it to travel along wind currents, settling far away. Hundreds of species of many plant families utilize this dispersal method, the most familiar being the dandelion, box elder and the big maple tree. These samaras are often referred to as helicopters, parachutes, whirligigs and gliders.

The them for the Reiman Gardens this year is “More than Meets the Eye-o-Wa.” The gardens are home to thirteen nature-themed sculptures created by artists with Iowa ties. More than 40 entries were reviewed by a jury composed representatives from local art organizations, Iowa State University and Reiman Gardens. The 12 works chosen represent a wide range of sculpture styles and materials. Each was chosen for its unique visual appeal and a strong connection to natural elements.