Our story, told in photographs

From the good times at the Hamilton County Fair, to the bad times of Electrolux closing, photographer Brendan Hoffman hopes to capture it all.

Hoffman came to Webster City shortly after the closing of the Electrolux plant in spring of 2011. He came looking to capture the stories of Webster City, a community in a time of transition.

However, the loss of many manufacturing jobs is not a story limited to Webster City.

“It’s not a unique situation,” Hoffman said. “Things like this are happening across the midwest.”

Hoffman has made many trips to Webster City since first coming here in 2011. Much of his work is not only capturing moments of life in Webster City, but is also getting to know people in the community.

The negative impact of Electrolux closing is not the only theme of his planned photo book.

“You also see things like the fair, where people uphold these long traditions to get through times like these together,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman does not yet have a final name or plans to publish his photo book. He asked that anyone with photos from Electrolux that would like to share them contact him at brendan@primecollective.com