Power trivia

A trivia game show hosted by Power Up YOUth in Webster City continues today and Saturday at the Hamilton County Fair.

“Trivia Madness,” hosted at the Ed Prince Stage each day at 4 p.m., tasks groups of participants with answering questions pertaining to substances, local businesses, local trivia and more. A wide variety of prizes donated from local businesses are available for those who know their trivia best.

Kathy Getting, Power Up YOUth coordinator, said the group has hosted similar trivia events during Homecoming. This is the first time they have hosted a trivia show at the Hamilton County Fair. For Getting and others who help put the show on, the ultimate goal of hosting Trivia Madness is to facilitate interaction between families.

“It’s about having a space where adults and teenagers and other youth can interact and have a good time with approachable adults,” Tiffany Larson, pregnancy prevention coordinator in Webster City, said.

The group got the idea from a fundraiser hosted at Iowa State University. They took the idea to educate and get information out about substance abuse.

“We want to make it fun though, so that’s why we have questions about the fair and other things,” Larson said. “It’s a good substance free event that can provide a lot of information.”

Getting said that she wants parents to know that parents should talk about substance use with their children. Not just having one big talk, but having a series of little talks with their children about substance use can have a big effect.

“It’s not just about talking to children, but it’s also about listening to them,” Getting said.

“Make it an 18-year, age appropriate conversation,” Larson said.

The event is also promoting other events in Webster City, including a crucial conversations event on Sept. 4, and a Power Up Parents event at Fuller Hall on Aug. 28.