A special flower

If you happen to be passing through the west end of First Street in Webster City, look for a large sunflower growing in Joann Biggs’ front yard.

The sunflower, which stands at about six feet tall, is not unique because of its size. Sunflowers can typically grow up to 12 feet tall. However, the plant has a total of 13 blossoms, with eight blooming at once. Biggs’ daughter, Chris, said she had spoken to several people knoledgable about sunflowers and they have never seen one like it.

Biggs said it was her neighbor who gave them the sunflower plant when it was just a couple feet tall.

“After a while he noticed it and said, ‘You have a bunch of them growing on one stalk and it’s getting pretty big,'” Biggs said.

Biggs said she simply waters the plant and others daily and used some fertilizer on occasion. She, and the bees buzzing around her garden, seem to enjoy the unique plant.