A test of character

Mark Dohmes, of the Webster City Rotary Club, hovers his index finger over his thumb, and said Rotary is “this close” to eradicating polio worldwide.

Dohmes and other members of the club were present at the Art in Boone River Country sculpture contest Wednesday and Thursday last week, discussing with people at the event how the disease is mostly gone from the face of the earth. However, there are several countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria, where the club has had trouble getting treatment for the disease available.

Webster City Rotary President Sharon Perry said the worldwide service club helped remove the once common disease from many countries, including the United States.

“It’s really an issue of gaining trust in those nations so people can get on the ground and start treating people,” Perry said. “The treatment is cheap, but also has to be refrigerated which is difficult in those hotter climates.”

To promote the club, Dohmes and others set up peanut butter jars and single servings of “Easy Mac” to spell out “4-Way Test” on a couple pieces of wood. The Rotary Four-Way Test, which was made very early in the group’s history, asks is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned, will it build goodwill and better friendships, and will it be beneficial to all concerned?

“It’s a way to consider, if you run into a problem at work or in life, what the best thing to do is,” Dohmes said.

The food items that spell out the Four-Way Test will be donated to the local Upper Des Moines Opportunity Food Bank for use in the organization’s food pantry.

The Webster City Rotary Club meets today at noon at Second Street Emporium.