Busy morning for sups

The Hamilton County Board of Supervisors had a full agenda Tuesday morning including action on a hog facility construction permit, new hires for county departments and approving an urban renewal plan.

A public hearing was held concerning the master matrix for a hog facility construction permit proposed by Kreg Kantak. Supervisor David Young said the proposed plan met all of the criteria for mandatory distances to homes and other properties.

Young noted that a letter from Lyle Evans of Evans Produce Farms was received questioning voicing concerns the construction. He said he worried about smells with his produce customers coming to the farms. Evans’ letter was also signed by other families in the area who had concerns as well.

Kantak was in attendance at the meeting and told Evans he would strive to be a good neighbor.

“Kreg’s the kind of guy you can pick the phone up and call him if you have some concerns,” said Becky Sexton, Twin Lakes Environmental Services, who was also in attendance. “He’s a good guy and he’s just a phone call away.”

The supervisors approved the matter and will forward on to the Department of Natural Resources the master matrix information along with Evans’ letter.

Public hearings were also set for other proposed constructions around the Hamilton County. Hearings on construction permits for Henke Farm LP – Berg Farms Inc. in section 34 of Rose Grove Township; Koop South – for John J.G. Koop in section 32 of Liberty Township and Koop North – for John C. and Carrie N. Koop and Joseph Koop, also in section 32 of Liberty Township. The public hearings will be held during the Aug. 27 board meeting.

The board also voted in favor of a resolution approving the Urban Renewal Area for the 2013 Van Diest Supply Company Urban Renewal Area. Also approved was the tax increment financing ordinance for the urban renewal area. The second and third readings of the ordinance were waived. A public hearing was set for Aug. 27 on a loan agreement in a principal amount not to exceed $1,350,000.

In a related matter, the final plan was approved for the grading and paving of 230th Street and Estes Avenue, which runs around the perimeter of the urban renewal area. Bids for the project are expected to let on Sept. 5.

In personnel matters, Lisa Madison was hired as a clerk in the auditor’s office at a rate of $12.50 per hour. Tabrina Eggleston was hired as a part-time dispatcher/jail control at a rate of $13 and Kathreeya Sihavong was hired as a part-time jailer at a rate of $13 per hour. The retirement of John Nervig from the secondary roads department was also noted. He had worked for the county for 29 years.