KYL sees new website design

More improvements to the Kendall Young Library website are now live, along with a new YouTube channel.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Kendall Young Library Board of Trustees, Library director Angie Martin-Schwarze presented new facets of the Library’s website. A news slider on the front page of the site,, shows upcoming events and highlighted items and services. Another scrolling bar shows new items at the Library, including fiction books, DVDs and Blu-Rays, teen books and more.

“It gives a little freshness of the website and shows off what we’re doing at the Library,” Martin-Schwarze said.

Another new feature near the headline of the Library is a bar that includes links to the Library’s social media pages. Martin-Schwarze said the Library’s social media presence has been extended to YouTube. Reference librarian Ketta Lubberstedt-Arjes has created several instructional videos on YouTube on how to use the Library’s online services.

The videos, just a few minutes long each, explain various topics from how to renew Library materials online, how to place a hold on an item, and how to use the Zinio eMagazine services. Several other videos from EBSCOhost and other services offered through the Library are also provided.

“I’m excited about this,” Martin-Schwarze said. “I hope people will find the videos useful.”

Also during her director’s report, Martin-Schwarze said the next event at the Library is the next installment of the Library’s Upcycling series. This Thursday at 6:30 p.m., Library staff will instruct participants on how to make bracelets out of folded magazine pages. There is no cost to attend the Upcycling events. This coming Tuesday, the Library will also host a showing of the movie “42” at 6 p.m.

During the meeting, the board also approved the updated patron conduct policy for the Library. The board reviewed questions about liability that were raised at the July 10 board meeting, and no changes were made to the liability policy. The board also added that food and drink are not allowed in the children’s department or near the public computers at the Library.

Also approved were the first steps toward the Library’s patron loan history policy. Through the new circulation system installed this year at the library, a patron’s loan history can be tracked. The loan history can be seen online through an individual’s library account. However, that history can also be turned off. The board discussed at July’s meeting whether the default policy should be for that history to be tracked or not tracked by default.

The board chose that the default option for library patrons will be to not track their loan history. For current Kendall Young Library cardholders, the Library will give them a period of time where they will be able to opt in for the loan history tracking. If cardholders do not opt in, their history will not be available in any form. Martin-Schwarze said even in the event of something like a federal subpoena, one’s library history will not be available without opting in.

“If it’s off, it’s off,” Martin-Schwarze said. “If it’s off, there’s no way to access it at all.”

The board approved Martin-Schwarze to begin the preliminary steps to making the public aware of the policy. In the near future, the library will announce the policy and patrons will have a period of three months to opt in if they so wish. New Library cardholders will be asked when they sign up for a card if they would like to have their history available or not.

The Board of Trustees will meet next on Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Library meeting room.