A few last splashes

Just a few days remain to get out and enjoy the outdoor pool before it closes after regular hours on Aug. 19.

As the season winds down, recreation and public grounds director Kent Harfst said the pool has seen lower overall attendance from last year. The drought and record heat last summer brought many people to the outdoor pool to cool off. This year has seen unseasonally cool temperatures and many thunderstorms, which have brought fewer people to the pool.

Those cool weather days, storms or just a small amount of people at the pool means the pool also closes early. In June, there were 10 early close days and July saw 15 early close days. Both months had 15 full days open, according to reports by Brady Harfst. July brought more swimmers to the pool, with 6,515 total attendance, and June saw 5,396 total people. Both months had upwards of 200 people daily attending the pool.

However, attendance numbers are not the only statistic that Harfst takes into consideration.

“This was a safe year for the pool,” Harfst said. “We didn’t see any major accidents or injuries.”

The month of June saw more money coming into the pool, with $16,659.25 raised over the month from pool attendance and classes. July saw only $5,776.50 total. However, most of the season passes sold for the pool were sold in June.

Now, with the pool closing next week, Fuller Hall is gearing up to open the indoor pool on Aug. 20. Renovations to the outdoor pool pump and additional painting are also planned during the off-season. Harfst said getting most of those things done after the pool closes are easier than trying to get everything sorted in the spring before it reopens.