What happened to the summer?

Well, that was a short summer.

I’m not sure what happened to those long, humid, lazy days of summer, but all of a sudden, it’s practically fall.

Now with school starting next week, I doubt we’ll have a chance to get in that family vacation we’ve been talking about all summer. Labor Day Weekend holds a little promise, though, so maybe there’s still hope.

Daniel, on the other hand, has had a great summer. He spent countless hours poolside and a lot of time at the Kendall Young Library. There were days when he would take a change of clothes to the pool so he could get to the library in time for Teen Tuesdays.

He also spent much of the summer getting ready for the Hamilton County Fair, especially working with our old dog Toby to refresh and reaffirm his dog obedience training. The two of them worked many evenings in the backyard, practicing all the required maneuvers and stances. He did much better this year at the fair in his classes. I was very proud of Daniel and good old Toby. Although I did learn that I couldn’t sit in the front row of the arena when Daniel was working with Toby, because the big goofy furball would want to come over, say hello and climb up in the chair next to me.

Then, after the fair, Daniel had a chance to take part in Camp Creamery, a week-long theater workshop at Webster City Community Theatre. He’s been in several shows there in the past, but this was a great opportunity to work with some professional actors and to meet some new friends. More than 40 young people took part and WCCT sold out both of the performances of the play which closed out the camp. There were lots of proud parents and grandparents in those audiences.

Last week, my son surprised me by saying he was ready for school to start. He grabbed one of the school calendars when they came out and began checking off the days until classes started.

Since last spring when school got out, he’s shot up a bit in height. The jeans that were at the proper length then are highwaters today. So, we hit the sales and stocked up for this fall with some great looking school clothes. That tax-fee holiday certainly is a well-planned and well-placed event. One could tell by the lines of people at the store where we shopped, that many people thought it was a good deal.

My soon-to-be teenager did all of the selection for his school wardrobe. In the span of one year, I’ve lost all of my fashion sense and all of my good taste, apparently. So, I kept my mouth shut and nodded appreciatively when things were marched out of the dressing room.

Monday night is the open house at the middle school. He’s anxious to see who his teacher will be, to meet the new band instructor and catch up with his friends. There’s a whole new group of his buddies coming in from St. Thomas this year, too.

There’s still a few summer activities left, but soon it will be time to start looking to fall. I love fall, but I find that it’s the shortest season of the year since winter always seems to encroach upon those crisp days of fall before I’m ready for snow.