Back to school in Hamilton County

Once again, school is starting up in Webster City and the rest of Hamilton County. As always, be careful around school busses and school crossings to help keep our kids safe. But even more importantly, be careful around children the rest of the time in our community. We owe it to our kids to be thinking about their safety and future not only on the road but in the community and in the class room.

Take time to think about the example you set for your children and your children’s friends. Be polite and considerate not only to your children and their friends but insist that they show respect and consideration to others. Instill in them a sense of community that lets them understand that they are part of something greater than themselves and that volunteering to help others is one of the ways that they can show gratitude for all the gifts that their community provides them.

Take time to let them know why the things they are learning in the classroom are important in the real world and how they might use them. Ask your kids what they are learning every day, even if they aren’t too excited about telling you at first. Let them teach you by asking them to apply what they are learning in every day life. Get excited about learning and share that excitement with your kids so they will look at school as something they get to do, not just something they have to do.

In the next school year, our kids will learn lots of things about math, science, reading, and other subjects, but many of the most important lessons we can teach them are outside the classroom.