Stanhope business serves food, beverages

STANHOPE – If you said that the newest business in Stanhope is a family affair, you wouldn’t be far off. Stanhope residents Trent and Katt Flockhart have recently opened Flocky’s Tap in a building that has long been the local watering hole and place to gather.

The small-town establishment is operated by the young couple along with Katt’s dad, Denny King. Trent’s older daughter is the head cook. Flocky’s, open about a month now, serves food and beverages seven days a week and already has a loyal following in person and via social media online.

“People drive here from the local area as well as out of state,” said Katt Flockhart, who takes care of the bar daily while husband Trent tends to his job as a network engineer with Frontier Communications yet checks in at the bar on evenings and weekends. “Now people are stopping and staying and coming back. Already we have regulars, and our Facebook following is incredible.”

Why did they decide to purchase and open the business? “We were missing the bar with somewhere to eat in town and hang out. And it worked out perfectly, because we asked my dad to move here from Atlantic since he had run restaurants and bars,” Katt Flockhart said, adding that she often helped her dad.

Now that they have their own business, the couple is enthusiastic about becoming a part of the community – and contributing to it as well.

“This is one more reason to spend money in town,” Katt Flockhart said. The couple has lived in Stanhope for six years.

It appears that the Flockharts aren’t the only ones missing a local place to gather in Stanhope. “Already it’s going really, really well,” Katt Flockhart said with a contagious enthusiasm as she ticks off all the place has to offer: a beer club with 72 beers and more than 100 members, a food challenge, a big screen TV with the Sunday Ticket network that carries all NFL football games, and a 55-gallon aquarium tank to be filled with donated coins and bills and given annually to a nonprofit cause.

It is their burgers, though, that Flocky’s is building their reputation on.

“These aren’t just like getting a frozen burger at home,” Katt Flockhart said. “All of our meat is fresh and hand-patted. We use garden tomatoes.” Alternating Sundays will see a food special at Flocky’s, and the new owner said that eventually there will be a food special one night per week. The bar opens at 10 a.m., and stays open until 10 p.m. and later on weekends.

When they purchased the former Big Papa’s, the deal also included the vacant building that adjoins Flocky’s. Plans are that eventually there will be a doorway between the two buildings so that space can be used for a quieter, more spacious dining area.

For now, though, it’s a cautious trajectory for the new business.

“Be patient while we’re learning,” she said. “We want to do it the right way and stay open here forever.”